New book: Keystone Tombstones – Volume One

Info from the publisher:

Joe Farrell and Joe Farley explore the cemeteries (and pubs) of Pennsylvania in search of interesting graves and stories about the interred. Included in this volume: William Law Anderson “Golf’s Forgotten Legend” James Buchanan “Pennsylvania’s Only President” Pearl Buck “The Good Earth” John Burns “The Hero of Gettysburg” Simon Cameron “Pennsylvania’s Political Kingmaker” James Crowley & Harry Stuhldreyer “Half the Horsemen” Congressman Dan Flood “Dapper Dan” Benjamin Franklin “The First American” John White Geary “An American Success Story Few Have Heard” Frank Gorshin “What Does It All Mean?” Zane Grey “Rider of the Purple Sage” Harry Norbert Kalas “That Ball’s Outta Here!” Mary Jo Kopechne “What If?” David L. Lawrence “Pittsburgh’s Renaissance Man” Lincoln Colored Cemetery “Gone But Not Forgotten” Connie Mack “The Tall Tactician” Jayne Mansfield “The Blonde Bombshell” Vance Criswell McCormick “A Harrisburg Hero” George Meade “The Old Snapping Turtle” Thomas Mifflin “A Pennsylvania Patriot” The Molly Maguires, Black Jack Kehoe and Franklin Gowen Gifford Pinchot “Pennsylvania’s Forester” Bob Prince & Myron Cope “The Voices of Pittsburgh” General John Fulton Reynolds “A True American Hero” Frank Rizzo “The Cop That Would Be King” Jim Thorpe “The Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century” Bill Tilden “Big Bill” Ginne Wade “A Tragic Love Story” Andy Warhol “The Pope of Pop” Fred Waring “The Man Who Taught America How to Sing” … and some very Unusual Tombstones “Where else can you find Ginnie Wade next to Andy Warhol? Farrell and Farley make cemetery (and pub) crawling fun and interesting”

Link: “Pair has soft spot for dead people across the state”

Read more:

A heart-shaped headstone marks the final resting place of actress Jayne Mansfield


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