Jayne Mansfield by Bejn Jonathon Edwards

Life archives in a camera flash
Bleached blonde soul lost on playboy
Natural skin, male population calls for

Black and white memories on the silver screen
Destitute as a pornographic stereotype
Promises Promises, new lease on humiliation

Jayne Mansfield
They are calling out your name

Sexism disintegrates beneath her
Dumb blonde passes by
You can’t die
Living on forever

Kiss Them for Me
As they lay you down to rest

Engelbert Humperdinck sings in the Eurovision song contest

The BBC has for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest contacted Engelbert Humperdinck, 75-year-old singer, to represent the United Kingdom. After that the people in UK year after year voted for the wrong songs, the BBC last year took matters into their own hands, and skipped the national selection and decided to pick the song and artist themselves.

When I encountered Engelbert Humperdinck in LA some years ago I wasn’t in the slightest bit tempted to sing “Please Release Me”.

I spent a lovely afternoon being shown around the Hump’s house, once owned by Hollywood siren Jayne Mansfield and complete with heart-shaped swimming pool.

A list of who he hasn’t worked with, in Hollywood or Vegas, wouldn’t trouble a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp.

Yet Eng was humility itself – proud of his achievements, but never immodest, and at pains to point out that family comes first.

I think the moment I took him to heart was when his eyes filled up on talking about his son Scott.

Call me old ­fashioned, but I believe that nice people triumph in the end. In which case, all you Engelbert doubters, at 76, he might just bring home that elusive Eurovision crown.


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