Wayward Bus finally on Blu-ray

“Adapted from John Steinbeck’s best-selling novel, The Wayward Bus (1957) is a modern-day pilgrimage tale about a motley group of travelers on the road in rural—and occasionally perilous—California. Among the seekers: the bus driver with a troubled marriage and a roving eye (Rick Jason); his loving but frustrated and alcoholic wife (Joan Collins); a warm-hearted stag-party girl (Jayne Mansfield); and a glad-handing salesman looking to settle down (Dan Dailey). In stunning black-and-white CinemaScope™, the bus battles storm, flood, and rockslide to get from remote Rebel Corners to the bright lights of San Juan—and the journey turns to one of personal discovery.”

The blu-ray is a limited edition of only 3000 copies. So get it while its still available. This is the role that got Jayne her Golden Globe! At the same site you can also buy the soundtrack for the movie.

Get it at: http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm?ID=18401

80s Casuals Jayne Mansfield Lambretta T-shirt in Sky Blue

T-shirt print

“Yet another fine design for 80’s casual classics t-shirt collection. Up and coming brand 80s Casuals keep coming up with new designs.

This tee portrays an original Lambretta Scooter ad. The picture was taken in the early 60s with movie goddess Jayne Mansfield adding a touch of glamour to the image. She reminds us of the late 70s/early 80s when a few girls would dress in European labels in a similar vein to their match going brothers or boyfriends. A tight fit jumper, usually French Connection would be worn with narrow jeans, probably Lois, Inega or Fiorucci. The ubiquitous Kickers topped off the early Continental look. The 125 Lambretta and Northern Soul clenched fist cross references the sub-culture cross over in the late 60s from Mod to Northern Soul. Both very much a part of British cultural history and periods which influence us through their design and fashion.”

Get it here:


Jayne Mansfield – Quando Quando

Wonderful performance from 1961 on Italian TV!

TV Life, January 1957

Inside Jayne talks about being on “Jack Benny Show”. (This is my friends Lelands copy. )



Jayne Mansfield – Back to Biloxi

A very nicely done video!

“What if Jayne Mansfields spirit awaken today on the roadside? Where would she go and what changes would she find when she got there? Would Jayne Mansfield know that it was no longer 1967?

Follow Pattiicatt on her journey past the sites of Jayne Mansfields last night in Biloxi including The White Kitchen Restaurant, The Broadwater Beach Resort Hotel and Gus Stevens Superclub; as Jayne Mansfield comes to terms with her mortality with a touching seen at the beautiful Hurricane Katrina Memorial on the town green in Biloxi.

All ends well for Jayne Mansfield as she is rescued from 2012 in a beautiful 1967 Mustang driven by Perry Johnson.

Special Thanks to Frank Ferruccio and Kimmie Rosenthal of the Jayne Mansfield on-line fan club and to Phil Hancock of the Mississippi Coast Mustang Club for use of his Beautiful 1967 Mustang.”

Infamous Owlwood Estate for sale?

The Owlwood estate

The real estate or should we say (sigh) parking lot that used to be the Pink Palace is included in the Owlwood estate. It was the Arna couple that sadly demolished the Pink Palace in 2004.

Jayne outside the Pink palace

Interior of the Pink palace

 “I sold that house a year ago. They knocked the Pink Palace down, knocked it flat. They told me they were going to renovate it and keep it as an old Hollywood home. But they don’t care about history.”

Engelbert Humperdinck

The Owlwood estate has an asking price of “only” $150,000,000. Read more at:



Received my copy of “Affectionally, Jayne Mansfield” today and I can highly recommend it! Read the first chapter while my baby was napping next to me, hi hi. I haven’t been reading a book for ages now. So nice with an author that seem to really like his subject. And its a big plus that he can really write and that its not filled with errors as some of the other books on Jaynie.

The book is now available for worldwide shipping through Amazon and some other online stores.

Jayne Mansfield by Tanino Liberatore, 1987

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