Jayne Mansfield – Back to Biloxi

A very nicely done video!

“What if Jayne Mansfields spirit awaken today on the roadside? Where would she go and what changes would she find when she got there? Would Jayne Mansfield know that it was no longer 1967?

Follow Pattiicatt on her journey past the sites of Jayne Mansfields last night in Biloxi including The White Kitchen Restaurant, The Broadwater Beach Resort Hotel and Gus Stevens Superclub; as Jayne Mansfield comes to terms with her mortality with a touching seen at the beautiful Hurricane Katrina Memorial on the town green in Biloxi.

All ends well for Jayne Mansfield as she is rescued from 2012 in a beautiful 1967 Mustang driven by Perry Johnson.

Special Thanks to Frank Ferruccio and Kimmie Rosenthal of the Jayne Mansfield on-line fan club and to Phil Hancock of the Mississippi Coast Mustang Club for use of his Beautiful 1967 Mustang.”


2 thoughts on “Jayne Mansfield – Back to Biloxi

  1. Helen. I’m confused. I thought you were opposed to Ferruccio and the fraud he has done to many others. Whay would you praise him here?

    • This is from last year when I still was “friends” with him. The only thing I say is nicely done video. The other text is just copy paste lol. You know that he has threathen me not to have his name on here? Funny that you saw this cause I totally forgotten it!

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