Wayward Bus finally on Blu-ray

“Adapted from John Steinbeck’s best-selling novel, The Wayward Bus (1957) is a modern-day pilgrimage tale about a motley group of travelers on the road in rural—and occasionally perilous—California. Among the seekers: the bus driver with a troubled marriage and a roving eye (Rick Jason); his loving but frustrated and alcoholic wife (Joan Collins); a warm-hearted stag-party girl (Jayne Mansfield); and a glad-handing salesman looking to settle down (Dan Dailey). In stunning black-and-white CinemaScope™, the bus battles storm, flood, and rockslide to get from remote Rebel Corners to the bright lights of San Juan—and the journey turns to one of personal discovery.”

The blu-ray is a limited edition of only 3000 copies. So get it while its still available. This is the role that got Jayne her Golden Globe! At the same site you can also buy the soundtrack for the movie.

Get it at: http://www.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm?ID=18401


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