Hollywood Uncensored Jayne Mansfield

Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Hey! Jayne Mansfield Superstar!

Hold it like a weapon rocket rocket
Hey Jayne Mansfield baby
Yeah you got it
Well ooh aah a pink guitar
F-f-frankenstein’s baby yes you are

Cha cha heels and patent bra
Hey! Jayne Mansfield

Billion wow! Dollar body rocket rocket
Hey Jayne Mansfield baby
yeah you got it
Well ooh aah a pink guitar
Headless 7th wonder yes you are

Cha cha heels and patent bra
Hey! Jayne Mansfield

Pink flamingo, freakout rocket
Ooh aah a pink guitar
Custom built sensation yes you are

Champagne furs and caviar
Hey! Jayne Mansfield

Hold it – Let’s rock it
Those eyes that mouth that body
Yeah you’ve got it
Ooh aah a pink guitar
Glamour-rama-Lama yes you are

Diamonds pearls and jaguar
Hey! Jayne Mansfield
Hilton Rits Belgravia
Hey! Jayne Mansfield
Hips and lips and guns guitar
Hey! Jayne Mansfield – STAR!

Patent heels and cha cha bra
ooh aah ooh aah, ooh aah ooh ahh


Ok, so James Haspiel is not my favourite guy ever (more about that another time), but he has taken some lovely rare Marilyn photos in the past so… Always something ūüėČ ¬†The article about Jayne was written by¬†Haspiel¬†and¬†Charles Herschberg in 1976.

Jayne Mansfield and Jim Haspiel in 1957

Chas Herschberg visits Jayne backstage at New York’s Latin Quarter in 1965

The article is interesting though. Read it here:


Vintage Reproduction: Jayne Mansfield Dress

Jayne Mansfield in Sweden 2

May 22nd 1967, only 1 month before Jayne tragically died, she was performing on Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden. The below clip also features Josephine Baker (that by the way asked my dad out for a date РLOL!) and a few other famous artist like Alice Babs, Jan Malmsjö, Lars Lönndahl and opera diva Birgit Nilsson!

Dancer and singer Josephine Baker Topless on stool

“The lady did not hit a note right in the songs she performed. Her way of being on stage was suggesting that she had a large Marilyn Monroe complex. The whole thing was distressing. Ok, that the audience¬†laughed,¬†but it was an opressed, embarrassed laughter. We felt sorry for Jayne.”

Björn Vinberg / Expressen

I guess he must have felt bad for that review ever since…

Jayne Mansfield in Sweden 1

YES!!!! 28 th October is booked in my calender. Its time for my first time to see Jaynie on the Big screen!!! Ok, its not my favourite movie and she only has a small part – but still!!!

The last time I went to Bio Capitol it was a late night screening of cult classic Evil Dead 2

A guide for the married man is shown as a part of the series Swedes in Hollywood (they honour the beautiful and tragic actress Inger Stevens that plays Walter Matthaus wife in A guide for the married man)

A natural beauty – Inger Stevens

Place and time: Bio Capitol 28 Oct 14:00


Jayne by Robert Prowley

Jayne Mansfield in The Burglar 1957

Buy stunning prints from National Portrait Gallery

Jayne Mansfield
by Vivienne
vintage bromide print, 1950s
7 7/8 in. x 6 7/8 in. (200 mm x 175 mm)


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