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It happened in Athens will be released on dvd!


Set at the time of the first modern Olympic Games, a famous sexpot actress agrees to marry the winner of the Marathon though her comparatively plain maid has other ideas.

You can pre-order a copy here:

Jayne-inspired drawing by Xavier Garca

Brilliant drawing don’t you think?

Neil Libbert on Jayne Mansfield

As you might remember I wrote about Neil Libberts exhibition a few months ago. Here are his memories of Jayne:
“She came up to Blackpool to turn on the illuminations in 1959 and at the same time there was a TUC conference, which I was covering. She came into the Imperial hotel with her Chihuahua, which is on her lap in the photo, and we asked her if she would mind coming over and sitting with the delegates and she was only too happy. The man on the left is Ted Hill from the boilermakers union, the man behind is Morgan Phillips, general secretary of the TUC and the man on the right is Bill Carron from the Amalgamated Engineering Union, so it’s rather a heavy bunch of political figures sitting with her. It was used on the front page of the Guardian the following day”.

Read more:

Bowling With George Best and Politics With Jayne Mansfield

Neil Libbert: Photojournalist

Jayne on TV

HBOSGe Tue, Nov 13, 6:05 AM A Guide for the Married Man



Jayne Mansfield Hollywood backstage

A truly beautiful, rare video from Jayne’s party for baby Anthony. She is just glowing of happiness!

The Rabbit habit script for sale



Unsigned script for the play The Rabbit Habit, which starred Mansfield. This 1965 play was one of her last stage performances and opened less than two years before she died.Script unsigned. 143 singled-sided pages, 8½x10¾, bound in 8¾x11¼ blank green cardboard covers. Copy of The Rabbit Habit by Rex Carlton. This three-act play was one of Mansfield’s last stage performances, and it opened less than two years before she died. It opened in Denver, Colorado on December 1, 1965 – after the birth of her fifth child and a year before her divorce from her third husband Matt Cimber in 1966 – and was directed by Cimber. According to the cast page, Mansfield was supposed to play Miko Marlowe; however, the name “Miko” has been crossed out and replaced with “Jill” by an unknown hand in blue ink on the cast page.

Jayne in Canada


Jayne and sailors in Victoria, 1966.( I was there in 2008. Wonderful town!)

I just stumbled upon some great photos and article about Jayne’s last visit to Vancouver, Canada.

“Countless Hollywood stars have visited Vancouver over the years, but few have stirred as much excitement as Jayne Mansfield.

The Hollywood star was booked into The Cave nightclub in late October, 1966, and by the time she left Nov. 6 she had inspired a week’s worth of newspaper headlines.”

Read more here:

The week Jayne Mansfield lit up Vancouver

Actress Jayne Mansfield became an honorary princess of the Musqueam native band on Nov. 1, 1966

Jayne Mansfield paper doll book

Here’s a sneak peak of an upcoming paper doll book by David Wolfe. Looks really good!!!


Read an interesting article by Wolfe here:

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