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You may remember a previous post I made this fall about Jayne’s visit to Canada. Here’s some more info on the same story:

These Nov. 1, 1966 photos show Jayne Mansfield at the Musqueam Reserve as she becomes a First Nations Princess. She followed that up with an appearance at the Cave.The story, under the headline “Instead of Jayne, Confusion Reigns”: Jayne Mansfield had one of those days – she cut her thumb. But that was only the beginning. Before the episode was over, two doctors attended, the Georgia Hotel lost 10 blankets, and 100 irate Natives waited up to five hours to make Jayne a Musqueam princess.The actress was to appear at the Musqueam reserve community hall at 6 p.m. to become the first white person to be initiated into the band, and the subject of the last performance of a centuries-old naming ritualBy 7 p.m., Jayne had not arrived; she and six others were still wandering around the Georgia Hotel trying to find 10 blankets — Jayne’s contribution to the ritual. Her lawyer, Sam Brody, finally took the requisite blankets from their rooms and crept out the back door with them in a suitcase. They ended up in a rented Bentley that broke down.At 8:45, Jayne was helped into the community  hall, wearing a white suit and cape, carrying a stuffed dog and a large dahlia in one hand and nursing the injured other“I cut my thumb reaching into my makeup case yesterday,” she breathed.Musqueam chief Willard Sparrow and the dancers put their costumes back on, people filtered back into the hall and Jayne’s PR man, Barrie Bailey, went searching for a bottle of cognac.Brody began telephoning doctors, Jayne tried some of the cognac and disappeared into the washroom.People clamored up and down the corridor between the washroom, meeting room and main hall.Said Brody, “Jayne would like to have the ceremony tomorrow night. Same time, same place.”Sparrow, peering anxiously at his angry people, said: “It’s over. Not later tonight nor tomorrow”Then, Dr. J.J. Lederman arrived and gave Jayne a shot of B12 and said she could go ahead with the ritual if she insisted.Meanwhile Brody was on the telephone pacifying Cave supper club owner Ken Stauffer, who had expected Jayne at 10:15 for the evening’s first show.”I never miss a show,” said Jayne, pouting intently at their thumbSparrow and Clarence Charles danced around her, cleansing her soul by swinging ritual cedar boughs. “Oooh I feel like a princess,” breathed Princess Inamet Quassin, as a Cave bouncer lead her out at 11:15 to catch her 10:15 show.

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The story behind the photo: Actress Jayne Mansfield becomes a First Nations Princess

Here’s some info on the tribe:


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