Adorable story on a thrift shop find!


If you know me well you also know how I love to go to thrift shops. I have made a lot of really good bargains, one of my best was a 60s Emilio Pucci dress for 75 sek worth a few hundred $ at least. I have however never stumbled upon a Jayne Mansfield collectible, well except a pretty cool book cover like 10 years ago, but nothing like the below story:

It looked like someone’s framed memento of a memorable night out, perhaps featuring a well-known entertainer (someone had gone to the trouble to frame it, after all).Then the handwritten inscription (“To Joe—You’re a doll—Jayne”, first name only), and the second name’s relatively uncommon spelling (with a “y”)—along with the photo of a good-looking and unusually well-endowed blond—put themselves together in my brain and I realized I was holding a souvenir photo/card signed by the legendary actor-singer–sex kitten Jayne Mansfield.Attached to the back was an envelope containing what everyone who looks for just such rare discoveries dreams of finding: provenance. Inside was a personal affidavit signed and dated by the guy who bought the autographed card and photo from the original owner and who sold it to a collectibles dealer who went out of business and got rid of his inventory—to the shop owner who was now looking over my shoulder at what I was holding.”This is Jayne Mansfield!” I blurted out like an idiot (there was no price tag on the frame—yet). “Oh, yeah….?” he said.But I am a regular customer, and he’s a good guy. He let me have it for little more than what two hungry people would pay for a couple of pulled-pork pancake breakfasts across the street at the Red Wagon diner.

Read full story here:

Junk-store find brings to life tragic sex-kitten’s visit to famed Vancouver nightclub and awestruck city


One thought on “Adorable story on a thrift shop find!

  1. Hello. I wanted to see how you might feel about this being displayed in an upcoming
    new movie museum.

    The museum wil be at first geared toward
    visiting children associated with Childrens Hospital of Alabama. (second largest chilrens hospital in the US.) It will also cater
    towards visiting schools on field trips.
    We will be teaching real life lessons from movies and TV shows.

    It will be the first of its kind anywhere we know of.

    We were unfortunately taken
    for right at $6000 of what was presented to be real items owned and worn by Ms. Mansfield. It was a tragic set of circumstaces where this man has written books and claimed to be an expert of Mansfield. All until he was outed by an auction company saying that he was distributing a fraudulent and forged receipt and did not buy anything.

    Why this sob story? 🙂
    Well, this would be finally something real even though it is not something she wore.

    Please email me!
    Jeff Caddell
    Mountain View Movie Museum

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