Jayne Mansfield listed in Top Ten Best Comedy Sequels


Stumbled upon this lovely post about (almost) comedy sequels and “Will Sucess Spoil Rock Hunter”:

9. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter:

Few filmmakers understood Jayne Mansfield’s comic persona like Frank Tashlin. With her endowments, she obviously had something going on, but most directors could only think to use her as prop. What marks Tashlin’s work as so exemplary is that Mansfield is clearly in on the joke in The Girl Can’t Help It, and so she worked with Tashlin again in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter. Both are great films, but Hunter is their masterpiece as it pairs her with Tony Randall at the top of his game. Tashlin also understood the cartoon fantasy appeal of someone like Mansfield, and he knew how to play that for all it’s worth. With sharp writing, and some of the best visual gags in cinema, Hunter is a treat from beginning to end.

Here’s the link:
Top Ten Best Comedy Sequels (That Aren’t Sequels)


2 thoughts on “Jayne Mansfield listed in Top Ten Best Comedy Sequels

  1. well done for jayne,everyone will realise what a gift she had for comedy,her more serious roles such as single room furnished,the challenge.the burglar,hitchcocks the hangovershe shows her acting and great acting ability,one thing jayne lights up the screen with her prescence,susanxxxx.

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