Mariska Hargitay on her mom as a role model


Jayne with her two youngest children, Mariska and Tony

“People would always ask me if I had seen her movies. I was not interested in her film persona. I wanted her to be my mom and know something about who she was: who she loved, what made her sad, and I wanted to know how I was like her. I wanted to hear real stories.”


“I think she was ahead of her time. She was a wonder-woman. She had a career and five children. She was sexy, played the violin and had an amazingly high IQ. She had a zest for life, lived every minute to the fullest. She did it all.”



2 thoughts on “Mariska Hargitay on her mom as a role model

  1. love this, I have always said Jayne was unique,she loved her family,all the photos with her children she looks so happy and proud ,what a role model ,five children, yes way ahead of her time. ,the most beautiful woman ever,with a face and figure that was truly amazing .JAYNE MANSFIELD SUPERSTAR. the pictures,the films she left for us,to see, ,to her family she was much more, mother, a daughter a wife, a friend. love to Jayne xxxx susan.

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