Bill Devon on Jayne Mansfield

Recently the magician Bill Devon was interviewed by When he got the question of his favourite moment in his career he told this little story:

In 1967, Jayne Mansfield was in Sacramento, and she was appearing at a local nightclub on Auburn Boulevard, the Cleopatra Club.She was the guest of honor, and they had me perform. They introduce me, and I do my dove act, and the main audience is in front of me, but behind me is the guest-of-honor table. And that’s where Jayne Mansfield is sitting. So I produce a dove and every time I produce a dove, my assistant would walk past me and pass Jayne. And Jayne would want to pet the dove. I didn’t know that, I found out later.About the fourth dove I produce, the audience in front is just laughing. I didn’t know what it was until after the show was over. They told me: “Do you know what everyone was laughing at?”I go, “No.”[Someone] says, “Jayne wanted to pet your doves. Well, that poor dove pooped in her fruit cocktail!”



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