♡ Cheers! Happy Valentine’s Mansfield style ♡


Why not celebrate Valentines with a bubbly drink dedicated to our favourite bombshell? Here’s how you make it!

♡ Jayne Mansfield ♡


Light rum 2.5 cl
Strawberry Liqueur 2.5 cl
Champagne 10.0 cl 
Syrup 0.5 cl
4 strawberries

1 Champagne glass
1 Cocktail shaker

Muddle strawberries in a shaker. Add the rum, liqueur and syrup. Shake. Strain into glass. Top up with champagne. Stir gently.


If you want you can make a nice edge on the glass:

pour sugar and grenadine on a plate. Dip the champagne glass edge in grenadine and then in the sugar to create a red sugar ring around the glass edge. Hold the glass upside down for a while to dry.




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