Jayne Mansfield (1933-1967): 35th Anniversary Tribute 2002 by Stephen B Whatley


Oil on canvas

30 x 24in

“An oil painting inspired by a 1966 photograph that reveals the increasingly vulnerable state of the 1950s Hollywood star in her last years. Anyone who wishes to learn more about this much misunderstood actress should read ‘Jayne Mansfield’ by May Mann (1973); a close friend of the star who gets close to the heart of the woman. I include Jayne Mansfield in my cartoon tribute Hollywood To Heaven – as I believe she had a faith . In the biography she is pictured in tears in a church in Ireland, lighting candles and praying for help; months before her tragic death. She is free….Peace.” ~ Stephen B Whatley




Jayne Mansfield x 2 by AJ Griffiths

Jayne by Tally Todd


More art work by Tally here: http://tallytodd.tumblr.com/

Happy Valentines day!!!


Art by Daisy Church

Ernie Garcia: Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace birthday bash for Mae West


My dear friend Ernie Garcia (he once ran the Marilyn Monroe International Fan Club) always has a keen eye for details and a great sense of humour♡

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