Jayne Mansfield, on Buffalo: ‘My favorite place of all’

Found this lovely gem about Jayne’s visit to Buffalo in July 1964. Full article below:

“My FAVorite place of all because I fell comPLETEly in love with Buffalo last year. I LOVE it. It’s a WONderful place.”



Found here:

July 14, 1964: Jayne Mansfield: ‘I fell comPLETEly in love with Buffalo’

Jayne around the world: Clipping from Iranian magazine, 1960s

I’m starting a new regular post that will feature clippings and photos of Jayne from around the world. Enjoy!


Magazine clippings from 1956 & 1957

Jayne Mansfield in the latest issue of Town & Country

The infamous shots of Jayne and Sophia Loren from 1957 can be seen in the new issue of Town & Country, January 2013!




Ok, so James Haspiel is not my favourite guy ever (more about that another time), but he has taken some lovely rare Marilyn photos in the past so… Always something 😉  The article about Jayne was written by Haspiel and Charles Herschberg in 1976.

Jayne Mansfield and Jim Haspiel in 1957

Chas Herschberg visits Jayne backstage at New York’s Latin Quarter in 1965

The article is interesting though. Read it here:


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