Ode to Jayne Mansfield in the Twenty First Century by Newauthor77


Back in Nineteen Sixty Seven,

A tragic wreck sent her to Heaven.

No more to star on silver screen,

Jayne’s death was tough, her death was mean!

A life is more, than just its end…

So what can help sad hearts to mend?

We pray for her, “Jayne rest in peace,

In a better place, where struggles cease.

“We can also turn our mind,

To gifts that Jayne has left behind.

Search “Jayne Mansfield” on eBay–

Two thousand items on display!

Her legacy is more than looks,

Or things that people write in books.

A safety tool, the “Mansfield bar”

Protects the people in a car.

The Mansfield bar has saved the head,

Of many folks–they would be dead,

By running into a slow truck—-

your bar protects them, that’s good luck!

Jayne, you were fun, you made us laugh,

but that’s not all–not even half!

The world is better because of you.

You are God’s gift–that’s surely true.



Jayne reciting How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is just plain awesome to hear her read 😀 ♡♡♡

Hollywood Babylon by James Allen


Jane Mansfield in her day
only one word to describe,
Unbelievably attractive, men and women
almost gave themselves whiplash when she
walked by like a goddess from another planet.
She was among us but not from us.
But she held a deadly secret,
one shared by every 7th man.
The power of the bottle proved
too strong for her magic powers.
When she died in an automobile
accident the bottles came streaming out
onto the pavement like little war stories
which no one won.
Nobody escapes, even the dog was killed.
By James C. Allen, © 2012


The first: Mansfield laid out beside the car wreck,
top part of her head missing. A journalist found her blonde wig
at the scene, thought she’d been decapitated. At 2:25 a.m.,
they hit a curve in the road, when an insecticide truck
came the other way in a fog of chemicals. The impact
sheared off the top of the 1966 Buick Electra.
(Four Chihuahuas in there: just one died.) The second: Mansfield,
beside Sophia Loren at a fancy Hollywood dinner, allows
her breasts to cascade out of her silky dress. Loren is aghast.
Nobody looks very happy in either pic.
The two men beside Loren at the dinner are having
an awful night. Mansfield, however beautiful, is a car wreck.
At the accident, death has brought beauty & perfection.
A friend told me the other day that civilization
is an elaborate design to cover up shit.
I thought of Jayne Mansfield, how the end reveals
what we’ve known all along. The wig of life is removed
& we see the beast unveiled. We are jealous, having suspected
their ugliness. So when something beautiful ends
we are not surprised or disappointed. Quite the opposite.
We hold the bloody blonde wig in our hands.
We even try it on, & look in the mirror. We preen,
all of us, divas for a moment. This is the third picture:
the same, exactly, as the other two.

from Rattle #35, Summer 2011
Tribute to Canadian Poets

Jayne Mansfield by Bejn Jonathon Edwards

Life archives in a camera flash
Bleached blonde soul lost on playboy
Natural skin, male population calls for

Black and white memories on the silver screen
Destitute as a pornographic stereotype
Promises Promises, new lease on humiliation

Jayne Mansfield
They are calling out your name

Sexism disintegrates beneath her
Dumb blonde passes by
You can’t die
Living on forever

Kiss Them for Me
As they lay you down to rest

JANE MANSFIELD DEATH by Christina Sunrise

I just met Steve Stevens,son of Gus,yes, the Greek owner

of Gus Stevens Supper Club.

In morning at 2: 25

Jane went

for a drive.

That’s when Gus’s 66 Buick

crashed into a tractor trailer,

that slowed down for a mosquito fogger,

and know one could save her.

Riding in Gus’s 1966 Buick Electra 225

she was on her way to New Orleans

for interview but it became night.

Now Jane has children

total of 5,

and spoke that

many languages when

she was alive.

Everyone remembers her

as a look a like Marilyn Monroe,

but there is more to Jane

I thought you should know.

Jayne Mansfield’s Dog by Alex Rawls

Check Hollywood Babylon –

Close-up: Jayne’s car

in four parts on the road to New Orleans.

The door panel’s bloodied, a Seagram’s bottle

lies by a hank of hair.

In the foreground is her dog.


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