Jayne Mansfield Hollywood backstage

A truly beautiful, rare video from Jayne’s party for baby Anthony. She is just glowing of happiness!


Infamous Owlwood Estate for sale?

The Owlwood estate

The real estate or should we say (sigh) parking lot that used to be the Pink Palace is included in the Owlwood estate. It was the Arna couple that sadly demolished the Pink Palace in 2004.

Jayne outside the Pink palace

Interior of the Pink palace

 “I sold that house a year ago. They knocked the Pink Palace down, knocked it flat. They told me they were going to renovate it and keep it as an old Hollywood home. But they don’t care about history.”

Engelbert Humperdinck

The Owlwood estate has an asking price of “only” $150,000,000. Read more at:


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