The Rabbit habit script for sale



Unsigned script for the play The Rabbit Habit, which starred Mansfield. This 1965 play was one of her last stage performances and opened less than two years before she died.Script unsigned. 143 singled-sided pages, 8½x10¾, bound in 8¾x11¼ blank green cardboard covers. Copy of The Rabbit Habit by Rex Carlton. This three-act play was one of Mansfield’s last stage performances, and it opened less than two years before she died. It opened in Denver, Colorado on December 1, 1965 – after the birth of her fifth child and a year before her divorce from her third husband Matt Cimber in 1966 – and was directed by Cimber. According to the cast page, Mansfield was supposed to play Miko Marlowe; however, the name “Miko” has been crossed out and replaced with “Jill” by an unknown hand in blue ink on the cast page.


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